October 23, 2019

Why To Treat Yourself To A Photo Session

Why Be Photographed

Because You're awesome.

We all deserve to be seen and heard in a way that makes us feel beautiful and accepted. My photography was the first thing that I found that allowed me to have healthy boundaries with people. Being able to develop relationships with people in a meaningful, healthy, wondrous way. I see beauty in the world we live in and I capture things and people that mean a lot to me.

I think being photographed is so fun because setting an intention to create a memory is so important. A lot of our society is in auto pilot and are stuck in the same routines and habits. If we break the cycle just once, and do something differently, our whole world will change.

Before our session, we will get to know each other and spend some time talking on the phone. We will talk about what we want to create together and what kind of vision we have. Working together is so much fun, and I promise to deliver gorgeous images that you can share and cherish for a lifetime!

I do this work not only for you, but for myself. I love photographing people because it's so empowering. We are so beautiful and we deserve to tell our stories in a way that is meaningful to us. When you hang that photo in your home of your family, and you all become the focus instead of just your kids or just yourself, it becomes a beautiful way to share life together - knowing that you matter.

I'll gladly focus on your light. I'd love to work with you!


Malorrie Ann