April 30, 2021

How My Photography Led Me to My Purpose


When I was a child I was always overwhelmed & anxious. I felt rejected, abandoned & sad. My photography is what lifted me up, helped me view things in a new perspective, helped me see the beauty around me and made me feel like I had something to offer in the world.

It helped me make connections and feel wanted. My camera has always been a sense of freedom, bravery, and a way to cope with doubt, worry, and fear. Through out the years my photos have evolved and grown as I have. It's always been a gift that I love to share with others. It's made me realize there is so much good in the world. When I was nervous, scared or upset, my photos helped me feel grounded and safe. It helped me focus on the light within everything, and helped me deepen my relationship with myself and with others.

I'd love to be your photographer.